CasaViva Studio Design

Our Services

Casa Viva offers a complete makeover, from design and product to labor. Our main commitment is to assure a 100% customer satisfaction by offering you high end designs, which means a full custom designed environment for your home.

Casa Viva charges an initial design fee, which will be refunded on your future purchase. Our designers create the space, choose the products, supply drawings to you and general contractor, and also finalize the project in the most efficient way possible, so there is no loss of time or money. If necessary, our designers will help you with selections from other product lines in order to give you the best.

Casa Viva specializes in kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, bedroom, granite, Silestone and Ceasar stone countertops, appliances, sinks, and tiles.

Our general contractor is licensed, insured, and bonded. They are responsible of electrical, plumbing, removal of wall if necessary, cabinet installation, countertops and tiles installation, and detailing. They will also update you regarding the project by email or phone call on a weekly basis. This will help to ensure against delays, and maintain good customer service, which are our major priorities.

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